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pro motion NG - now available!

pro motion is a drawing software to quickly create pixel precise images, animations, sprites, tiles and level maps as used in games.
It is ideal for artists working on detailed graphics as often required for mobile systems like smart phones or handheld video game devices like Nintendo DS. It also suites well to create light weight graphics for the web or web based applications and games.

Use it as sprite and bitmap editor with common game creation engines or frameworks of your choice like Unity, Game Maker, Havok, App Game Kit, Marmalade, Blitz, Clickteam Fusion and many more.

Besides being a image editor it also provides a 2d tile map editing system where you can create game worlds while still modifying graphic portions at the same time.

Key features include
  • Animation and image layers stack including effects, flattening, lock... new
  • Key frames new
  • Pixel perfect drawing new
  • Reworked light table system new
  • New gradient engine new
  • Engine to create graphics used as endless tiled patterns 
  • Use and create multi colored bitmap fonts 
  • Advanced masking
  • Realtime Tile Map Creation Engine
  • Grids engine to use any type of grid including Isometric, Octagon, Box
  • Extended Color Palette Editor to Cut, Move, Insert or Modify Ranges of Colors

Now there is also a feature limited Free Edition available.
Download and check out the software that is one of the most wide spread pixel base image editor.

Professional users include Glu Mobile, UBI Soft, Yacht Club Games, Leap Frog, WayForward, Digital Eclipse, Gameloft and many more.

Schools using pro motion for their art education include Vancouver Film School, John Norquay Elementary School, Angelo State University, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Jefferson County Public Schools...



Latest News
2016/02 Follow the news on Twitter.
2015/12 pro motion NG (formerly called V7) is available now.
2015/07 Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games has been released with lots of success and I'm proud to say that the graphics have been done with Pro Motion!